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An extremely annoying lefty who's attitude on ARRSE was one of...

  1. Everything your read in the press is a lie and you're all stupid for believing it.
  2. Everything you believe is wrong, so you're all stupid for believing it.
  3. I have miraculously divind the truth so I am not stupid.
  4. Why are you all nasty to me, I'm only trying to help you see how stupid and gullible you are?

Frenchperson's final message (in the NAAFI Sun Aug 12, 2007 9:59 am) to ARRSE before thowing his toys out the pram and F'ing off having annoyed/been edited by PartTimePongo just once too often:

You are a moderator on the ARRSE website and a long-term 'difficult' individual turns up again, challenging the status quo and posting opinions on your forum that run counter to those held by the majority, or annoy you personally.

What do you do? <cue childish poll>

....and it's goodbye from me. It's been very interesting, a good diversion for a couple of years. I've talked to some great characters, and had abuse from a few absolute knobheads - but that's life. Ultimately, it's ended in a bad way, because I'm now under the firm impression that my freedom of speech is under threat - by the very people who attack New Labour for doing the same!!!!

Fcuk Gordon Brown.

Long live Chavez and Viva Socialism!!!