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What is this page for?

From time to time, all Moderators on ARRSE receive unwelcome attention and abuse from various caring members of the community. Clearly, these people deserve to be heard and so I created this page to document such attacks, ill-deserved as they are.

I cannot claim to understand the minds of these people - merely observe and report.

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Attack 1

Proximo aka 'Jon'
I like swimming...apparently.
  1. When: 07 Nov 07
  2. Who: Blondebint posing as Scabard.
  3. Why: She didn't like these pictures being displayed over on ARRSE.

Other Details

  • Initially, Blondebint was absolutely positive that this picture (right) was me, and that my name was - in fact - 'Jon'; a fact that may surprise family and friends alike. After stupidly assuming that she would realise the futility of 'outing me' on a website where (literally) hundreds of people know exactly who I am, she ploughed on with a series of ridiculous Private Messages to make me remove the offending images. The PM exchange now follows:

The PMs

Her to me:

Remove my photos from this site immediately. You do not, nor never have had permision to post them here or anywhere.

This may just be a game to you and just the internet but it is not I assure you.
My Reply:

Oh dear dear me.

You have attempted to 'out me' on a site where over 500 people know exactly who I am and what I look like. Why??? It was never going to work for god's sake. All it has done is cause me 5 minutes of work.

If you were that upset, all you had to do was PM me and ask - I am a perfectly reasonable chap - as the 500+ would tell you.

As to copyright - well, I'm not going to get into a quasi-legal discussion with you. If you hadn't tried to smash the Wiki apart, I would have done as you ask with a degree of sympathy.

I tell you what - I will voluntarily remove all reference to you - and fix the Wiki - if you can actually behave for the rest of the night?


'Jon' (lol)
This fair-minded solution merely attracted this condescending response:

Removing ALL reference to me would be good. Try to do a decent job of it there's a good chap. And thought for the night...what if...what if everything you believe about me is completely wrong.

Note the typically inept way that she tries to force separation between the Mods here - let's push on that door...

Well I make up my own mind about everything on ARRSE - that's why I am doing this and not getting hysterical and calling you all the names under the Sun. You're right though - I am an appalling officer - if you knew my real name, a swift trawl through the London Gazette would reveal how much of a cowardly custard I am....

So I will amend the Demotivators (a cheap trick!) and replace with someone more deserving...I have a candidate who - unlike your good self - I actually do dislike a great deal. Smile

In future - and I will try and be a good chap - please come to me with these sorts of problems. The Bat Cave - as you know - is a terribly one sided place and it is easy to fall dumbly into line. I do not do this - which is why I get on with the COs so well. I don't get on so well with others.

C'est la vie! I hope you are well anyway - if even half what these people say about you is true, then I fully expect to be burned alive in my bed tonight. Or my swimming pool possibly.

All the best


PS You may refer to me as 'Jon' if you like, but the photo is very clearly that of a very gay man indeed...I have less hair, much more fat and dull leaden eyes.... Very Happy

PPS It is too late to do much tonight but I will do as you request first thing tomorrow - certainly before coffee. Good night ma'am.
Note how polite I am - as ever folks - perhaps we will see a little humanity under that thick skin...

Dearest Jon With respect, if you had indeed made your own mind up about me you would have not jumped to assist in pulling along the bandwagon that has sought to harm me over these past years. As the ex wife (nearly 20 years of marriage) to a serving specialised anti terrorism officer- to have this fact spouted by your cronies over this site along with photos, phone numbers, address, my children's names, workplace, workplace address (and where exactly within that workplace building I was to be found), e-mail addresses, websites I owned etc etc along with many phone calls, threats to kill via PM etc etc was monstrous experience. I had to, for the protection of myself and my family sell my family home and relocate completely. I have not lied about myself, nor my achievements, nor my endless voluntary work for military charities which continues to this day despite my jaundiced view of some servicemen learned from my bitter experience from being stalked and harrassed by [Name Removed] and crew. Just a few months ago [Name Removed] assured me that he would hunt me down and find me at my new location using DVLA records. His several year stalking campaign against me in which arrse has been used by him as a mere tool in his scheming is not over and I implore you to not treat this as a mere joke. Three children have been badly affected by this man's harrassment of me. Their names have been posted on the internet. Their mothers photo and address have been posted on porn sites by [Name Removed] inviting men to call at their house. This is very serious indeed. If you have any decency in you please treat it as such.


Faced with politeness, she rapidly sinks into a pit of despair but desparately tries to draw her tattered vanity about her like a funeral shroud. If you act with callous disregard for other peoples' good faith, do not expect to be treated with any sympathy, you ghastly rude woman.

Subsequent Actions

Having promised to remove the offending thread (done in good faith at the time) I have now enlarged and improved the Blondebint resources here on the Wiki for the following reasons:

  1. I can.
  2. She reneged on her part of the deal. Silly woman.
  3. She still has absolutely no idea who I am, what I look like or my name. Worst. Troll. EVER!