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FFFcuking FFFrustrating is the only way to describe it! I've tried, on several occasions, to edit Stubs and/or Wanted Articles (having already logged-in as an Arrsepedia User). At the Review stage, the system asks me to login again. When I return to the subject page, my edit has disappeared. Why is this so? Cheers, Cliff.

Re: What's wrong with 58 Pattern?

Your right it is a legitimate article.... That's why its already been covered in '58 pattern, if there's anything different in 58 pattern feel free to add it to the original, but I cant see any point in a duplicate entry with slightly different spelling.

'58 Pattern (It's All In The Apostrophe)

Sorry, JB - I'd no idea it was already covered. In future, I'll do a bit more reading (& possibly save a lotta rewriting).

Cheers, Cliff.

(30mins later) Right - that's done. I've transferred the only worthwhile comments I can add to the very good original article. Now - how do we remove the offending duplicate?

Cheers, Cliff.

Leave it marked as MOD ACTION REQUIRED and Ghostie will do the deed when he gets a minute or 3 to spare. If you find any other irrelevant crud, mark it up with a brief explanation as to why and if the MOD agrees it will be consigned to the ether. But remember you will have to go back and kill the offending links afterwards.

Cliff - it's always worth doing a couple of searches before you start an article, trying the correct spelling and some variants in case an original author got it wrong.

You can use the "what link's here" routine on the left side of the page to then find out what is going to the duplicated articles and fix the links.

On another note, you have caught some flak as you were initially thought to be yet another iteration of that throbber Slim. It seems you are not :D

New Starter's Dilemma

Thanks for that, D. Wondered what the 'ell was up Stoat's nose, & gave him a serve for his apparent anger-management issue. Now I see - having read some back posts - just what drivel our slimeaceous friend has come up with. Unfortunately, a lot of mythology has grown up around the M16, & I stepped in a coupla patches of it. As I said before - I won't take insults & abuse, but genuine corrections & guidance are more than welcome.

Cheers, Cliff.

Sorry to p1ss on your bonfire re cats & links on your 'Commission' article, but it was just so open and vulnerable :D
But nice article that fills a gap that most posters don't even consider..... you just need to be a tad quicker on the old 'catting'


No sweat, D. Thanks for the heads-up. As you can see, I've still got the L plates on. JB - I fell asleep in the middle of writing it; finished it, then decided to tidy-up after some kip. Thanks. Cliff.

Cliff you look like your having hassle trying to dual cat items. I might be talking out of my hoop here but as far as I know you have to enter each cat separately, such as:
:[[Category:British Army]] :[[Category:People and Peoples]]
It then comes out as Categories:British Army|People and Peoples
I don't think there is any other way of doing it (awaits incoming from wiki experts). JuniorBod 18:56, 31 June 2007 (BST)


Thanks, JB - Scratchin' me head last night re. the C-130 article (transpired there was a far better Hercules article in another category). I've put my tuppence worth into the Hercules piece, but can't kill the redundant C-130 article. How do I mark it "MOD ACTION REQUIRED"? Cheers, Cliff.

Cliff, you were right in consolidating both pages into one, (usually into the best article or most appropriate named article of the two pages) you can then either mark the C130 as [[MOD ACTION REQUIRED]] which you did and request deletion. Or, if it could be a popular search, redirect it to the Hercules page using the following code #REDIRECT [[HERCULES]], so that anyone typing in C130 is automatically sent to the Hercules page and doesn't try to start a new C130 page (I've turned the wiki format off so you can see the redirect code).
As you can tell I've been caught out a few times during my inexperienced fumblings on the wiki, so hope you find the info as useful as I did during my education by the wikimiesters :o) JuniorBod 15:50, 01 July 2007 (BST)

H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, or what?...

Trying to get times right here, JB. When you tell me 31 June 2007, is that really 1st July? Next message I get is dated 31 July 2007. Still 1st July? (I've got to know because, in Darwin, I'm some 9hrs ahead of GMT - depending on Daylight Saving Time.) BTW - many thanks for the tips on cats & redirects. This Arrsepedia thing seems to soak up more & more of my time - I love it.

Cheers, Cliff.

Edited for being a mong, 31st of June was correct at time of post, but it remains the 1st of July today, even in sunny Scotland.

JuniorBod 16:55, 01 July 2007 (BST)

Wot - An Extra Day's Earnings?...

So, JB - I know the Scots are pretty canny with money, but - an extra day before the end of the financial year? That's a brilliant idea. Here in Australia, we have to finish-up our finances on 30 June.

Cheers, Cliff.

Doh!! You can tell I've sunk into the depths of Mongness since retiring over the border. I hardly know what time it is never mind the date :) JuniorBod 18:20, 01 July 2007 (BST) I think!!!