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Gratuitous non-meaty melon shot

Strange, often Guardian-reading people who don't eat meat! They also wear sandals, usually have beards (including vegetarian women) and fart a lot as a consequence of the high fibre content of their diet.

Famous vegetarians include Adolf Hitler and the late Alan Clark MP, neither of whom regularly read the Guardian but both of whom had somewhat 'off-the-wall' political opinions.

Militant vegetarians are called Vegans. Vegans refuse to eat absolutely anything. Famous Vegans include Bobby Sands. Vegans are not to be confused with Venusians. Venusians come from the planet Venus and include the Archbishop of Canterbury amongst their ranks. I assume His Worship is from another planet anyway, as this would explain quite a lot of his other worldly musings.

Venusians are not to be confused with Martians. Martians eat nothing but Mars Bars. (Deep Fried if you are a Scottish Martian)

A Personal View:

I had a nice vegetarian meal once ... Lemon Meringue Pie!