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Victoria Beckham

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Do my sunglasses look big in this?

25% (20% before the the Gwar left) or about 10% by body weight of the Spice Girls, 'Posh Spice' was by far the fittest of them all. So what happened? 'Posh' married footballer Dayvid Bekkum and turned in to a pouting, stick-thin clothes horse riddled with anorexia. One cannot blame Dayvid for porking his PA Rebecca Loos. Rebecca subsequently utilised this brief notoriety to good effect, becoming the first woman (or anyone for that matter) to masturbate a pig live on national television. Quality.

Anyhow, grimacing, orange-skinned songstress Victoria is soon to slip in to total obscurity - especially now that hubby has been binned by the England coach. She also cannot get any recording contracts 'cause she never was any good. How the mighty fall.

Claims to have never had a boob job but you cant tell me that they are natural after multiple kids!

Rumoured to soon become Lady Beckham when hubby get knighted in the New Year's Honours List. Yet more proof, if were needed, that the whole honours system needs a serious looking at - as does the brain of the individual that nominated him.