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Located a few miles north of Cambridge is the former RAF fighter station of Waterbeach. Within this buzzing village of pretty weird people is Waterbeach Barracks, home to 39 Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers.

The village has three pubs - or four if you include the Beach Social Club, including the White Horse, the Sun and (in)famous Brewery Tap, perfect for that boring night out listening to pads' wives sing karaoke. The more adventurous might wish to sample the Slap Up Indian restaurant on the A10 - a ten minute tab up the road.

Nearby Clayhithe is virtually an annexe of the since expanded village, but was once a separate settlement. The Bridge Hotel there is worth taking wifey to for a decent and (reasonably) affordable nosh. Especially nice in the summer by the river, but generally busy all year round.

Waterbeach has one chippy - the Beach Fryer, one (rather excellent) Chinese takeaway, and the 'Water-bridge Kebab' van, staffed by the friendliest non-English speaker in East Anglia. Also, located in the flattest part of the world. No hills. None. Whatsoever.

Make sure you are higher pay band if you get posted here, you'll need it to pay for the taxis into Cambridge every weekend. On the plus side, at least you're not in the middle of nowhere and nobody's shooting at you. You will go neither thirsty or hungry in Waterbeach - which can't be too bad a thing, eh?