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The Policy in a nutshell

info_i.png Do not revert any single page in whole or in part more than three times in 24 hours.
(Or else an Administrator may suspend your account.)

The 3 Revert Rule

The Three-revert rule (or 3RR) is an official policy which applies to all ARRSEpedians.

For the purposes of counting reverts, these are excluded:

  • self-reverts
  • correction of simple vandalism
  • removing posts made by a banned or blocked user

Using sockpuppets (multiple accounts) to avoid this limit is a violation of ARRSE rules, and the policy specifically does not apply to groups. Any reversions beyond this limit should ideally be performed by somebody else, to serve the vital purpose of showing that the community at large is in agreement over which of two (or more) competing versions is correct.