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The ass end of the world. An Australian testing ground for rockets, explosives, etc. Woomera was the home of Australia's non too fucking ridiculous attempt to be a leader in the space-race in the 50's. Britain may have provided some of the funding for this stupidity. In the Cold War Woomera was home to a Sepo installation used to detect missile launches in the Soviet Union, thus providing the Reds with an excuse to nuke Oz. A monumental cock- up at this installation, was blamed for the failure to give the 28 guys killed having lunch in Dahrahn adequate warning that a Scud was on the way, during GW1. Most of the Americans were sent home from Woomera after that. But, there was still one NASA guy there, in the mid 90's, testing bottle rockets. To get sent to Woomera, he had clearly been caught having sex with the wife/ dog of the boss of NASA. The white chocolate sold in Woomera's only store has been known to make visiting school children violently sick for several hours