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One of the original band of moderators from when ARRSE was written on a scroll rather than this inter-web-thingy. Charming and erudite and certainly in the "David Niven School of class, breeding, and culture".

A "Trog" by virtue of the fact that no-one better would have him, still, "someone has to raise the standards"!

A good friend of a previous ULOTC Adj which caused much trouble in the regiment. He is well known for being at the Stonehouse Massacre a brutal event in the history of ULOTC involving Marines, a naked swimming german, a couple of hundred pissed off tired students and lots of alcohol. A standard friday night I hear you cry? No woopert will always be prepared to remind you of how special this night was, and that he was there and that we're all far too young to remember... The question remains was he an OCdt at the time or is he that crusty?

Woopert is a 40 year old virgin, with no war stories and a haircut like Edmund Blackadder

A member of the RLC band and an active tromboner