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Yasser Arafat

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Down with Zion!

Yasser Norman Arafat. Leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and part-time musician. Born 1929 and only son of Norman and Iris Arafat of Madryn St, Liverpool.

Born at an early age, young Yasser was academically mundane but became inspired by both music and politics as he progressed through his formative years.

His musical aspirations amounted to little more than sporadic appearances in a mop-topped beat combo that was universally panned by critics.

Disheartened, Yasser jumped on the political bandwagon that was carousing through the late 1960s and decided it was time to liberate Palestine from under the perfidious Jewish jackboot - though he kept in touch with the rest of the band and appeared from time to time, albeit haphazardly.

His thick Scouse accent lent him towards foreign languages and he became a proficient linguist – excelling in Arabic (a language virtually indistinguishable from Scouse). In 1973 he had a minor hit with أنت سإكستين (You’re Sixteen).

His political career went from strength to strength – with some unfortunate ramifications. Now firmly in the spotlight, Yasser became a target for Mossad. One failed assassination attempt in 1980 resulted in the memorable Sun headline: Top Pop Mop In Pot Shot Plot Flop. Repeated attempts at a musical come back also failed and Yasser’s health waned.

Yasser Arafat finally 'expired' in 2004. His polonium-ravaged body was flown from his luxury mansion in Gaza back to his native Liverpool whereupon he was laid in state in the Catholic cathedral before being interred under the centre spot at Anfield.