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YouTube if you want to!

Probably the best kept secret on the Internet, YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload and share videos of fluffy kittens, people being run over by trains, people jumping off tall buildings... and weddings. [The last two may be linked.] It’s also a very large elephant in a very large room. Unregistered users can watch the usual crop of music videos and car chases, whilst registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos - and have access to materiel considered (by some) to contain potentially offensive content. This is where it gets interesting.

Unlike pornography – which leaves a (usually) very visible snail trail of blatantly obvious URLs in your browser history (and internet bill), YouTube merely leaves a vid ID. So when wifey decides to check just exactly what it was you were doing on the PC in the spare room for five hours, instead of finding she will merely find an innocuous URL for YouTube. Remember Jacqui Smith’s hubby? Exactly! [You could always upload her?]

Ergo, as the content of YouTube is not pornography per se, you can never really be accused of watching it. This should avoid any potential embarrassment with the local library or your employer, and might even save you a few bob on a barrel-scraping divorce case.

As the content of YouTube is invariably amateur, it means that there’s a distinctly squalid voyeuristic feel to most of the content – unlike the professionally produced spuff movies being churned out in the Fatherland. By far the finest non-porn on YouTube comes from the Orient... that’s Japan, not Leyton.

It’s plainly obvious that YouTube was never intended to keep security guards entertained in the trouser department at 3am, but the human race being what it is, an opportunity is rarely missed. Enjoy!