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Your New Home

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Take Over Service Families Accommodation (SFA)

Make sure you check the condition of the SFA carefully and note any damage so that this can be acknowledged at the Handover. You should normally have a period of grace in which to do this but check with the housing representative. Take a note of the utility meter readings so you can check your bills when they arrive.


Your removal company may do this for you; check what they are required to do under the contract. Do not sign an acceptance unless you are happy that the removals have been completed correctly. If you intend to unpack your own belongings you will be asked to sign the release form, ensure you state on the form that there was insufficient time to unpack belongings. If you are unhappy with the service provided please report this to the removal company itself in the first instance. Please make sure to report any problems with the service - the companies have been contracted to provide you with a certain level of service which you should have received.

Information Support

Contact your local HIVE Information Centre if there is one in your new location or the unit personnel staff who will provide you with local information support and a Service Community Official Guide (if not already provided in your house).


Find and register at a local GP (the local HIVE can provide you with details) - you may well be offered a new patient health check. You can arrange temporary registration with a GP if there is an emergency. See our Health pages for information on Health Care provision in your new area, regional information and useful numbers. If you experience difficulties registering with a GP please inform your unit personnel staff.


Visit the new schools if appropriate and prepare children for starting school.


Remember to apply for benefits if you are eligible to. Visit our benefits section for more information or go direct to the Department for Works and Pensions website. If you are claiming Job Seekers Allowance you must register at the Job Centre as soon as you can or you will lose money.

Congratulations you made it!

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